Check for leaks in under a minute

Many of you who plan on paying the new Irish water charges will be keen to ensure that you have not got any leaks on your property. This can be done 100% effectively and give you piece of mind.

The best time to do this is when you have been away for a few hours and the house is empty. When you return home look into the meter and see if you can spot it turning. It is a little harder to tell if the meter is turning as the transponder covers a lot of it.

In the video below you need to focus in on the little white cog shaped wheel in the centre of the meter. This is a water usage indicator and will turn with the slightest amount of water flowing through the meter. The more water used the faster it will go and the more worried you should be.

Provided that the little cog on your meter is not turning then you can be assured that you will not be getting a huge water charge.

If the meter is turning be sure to double check that there is no water being used in the house such as a tap dripping or toilet overflowing. If there is no obvious reason for your meter to be using water then it is clear that you have a leak.

For more information on leak detection or for peace of mind contact Leaks Ireland 01 5376294.

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