Leak Detection & Repair for the whole of Ireland

Are you using too much water?


Have the county council informed you that your water usage is abnormally high, or that you are using a lot of water outside your business hours? This is probably due to leakage. Our leak detection service helps you quickly and accurately pinpoint problems at a reasonable cost. Some of our clients have spent a long time searching for the cause of a leak before they have asked us to come in and find it - this has cost them man hours, and in the meantime their water bill is getting large.

How we detect leaks

As part of our leak detection & repair service we carry out the following procedures:

Quantifying the leak size

To better enable us to find the water leak(s) it is important to know how much water is leaking. We can do this if you have a water meter installed. All commercial premises in Ireland have a water meter fitted for many years and in the future we will be able to quantify domestic leaks as each house will be serviced with a meter. If any of your system is using a booster pump we can estimate the leakage level by monitoring the pump.

Pipe tracing

The initial step to find a water leak would be identifying the extent of the water system. This involves starting at the meter/stopcock and tracing the water line to all of its end points. We do this by using signal induction and pulse wave generators, it can be carried out when the line is live and it will not affect the clients water supply. On completion of this we can start on steptesting the system.


Steptesting is the term used for narrowing down a leak to an area of the system. This involves turning off valves to enable us to narrow the leak down to the smallest area. The more sluice valves/gate valves on the water network, the more accurately that we can determine the leak area. Once this is done we can commence with acoustic sounding and leak tracer gas.


Most pipes leaking underground vibrate the earth around it. This vibration is picked up by the sensor of the ground microphone and converted into a sound signal. With many years of acoustic sounding experience we can pinpoint the exact location of the leak.

We use the market leading German made FAST M300d ground microphone to acoustically sound for leaks.

Tracer Gas

Sometimes it is not possible to use acoustics due to:

  • noisy environment
  • depth of pipe
  • size of leak

In these circumstances we will replace the water in the pipe with an inert gas. The gas will escape from the break in the pipe and rise to the surface where it is detected using the FAST gas-check-H2.


Once we know the location of the water leak we can then set about digging and repairing it. Our technicians will carry out the small repair jobs on the spot, for the larger excavating jobs we have crews around the country that will repair the damaged water pipe.

Completion of the job

When the job is finished you will be issued with a report. In this we will detail all the work carried out, what was found and a schematic showing the layout of the water pipes. Many of our clients will use the report when they are claiming off the insurance for damage caused by the leak and the cost of finding/fixing it.

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