Pipe tracing services

Pipes - information about Leaks Ireland's pipe tracing services.
Pipes - information about Leaks Ireland's pipe tracing services.

Stopcock location

Have you lost your stopcock? This is quite common as over the years they can be buried, covered or moved without you realising it. Our pipe tracing service can help you locate the stopcock and the water pipe.

Finding your water main

Do you need to tap into the water main but you are not sure where it is? We can find the water main for you and save you time and money from digging in hope that you will get lucky.

Pipe tracing: our methods

We can trace different types of pipes using the following methods:

Metal Pipes

We induce a small electrical current on the pipe with a generator (Genny) and detect the signal using a C.A.T (cable avoidance tool).

Plastic Pipes

We transmit pulses along the pipe using a PWG (Pulse Wave Generator) or Transonde. The pulses create a vibration that can then be located acoustically using a ground microphone.

Alternatively, we can feed a flexitrace into the pipe and use the Genny to energize the tip of the coil - this can be picked up by the C.A.T.

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