Leak Detection for Galway

A burst pipe. Information on leak detection services from Leaks Ireland

Leak detection service for Galway city and county

We provide a professional, fully compliant leak detection service for Galway, and nationwide too. You can get a free leak detection quotation from us here.

Leaks Ireland pinpointed this on an old unused lead service pipe in Glasnevin, Dublin.

Main ways to detect leaks

As part of our leak detection service we carry out the following procedures:


Most pipes leaking underground vibrate the earth around it. This vibration is picked up by the sensor of the ground microphone and converted into a sound signal. With many years of acoustic sounding experience we can pinpoint the exact location of the leak.

We use the market leading German made FAST M200 ground microphone to acoustically sound for leaks.

Tracer Gas

Sometimes it is not possible to use acoustics due to:

  • noisy environment
  • depth of pipe
  • size of leak

In these circumstances we will replace the water in the pipe with an inert gas. The gas will escape from the break in the pipe and rise to the surface where it is detected using the FAST gas-check-H2.

Read here for a more in-depth look at water leak detection 

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We provide a leak detection service for Galway city and county. For more information about our leak detection services, and a free quote, just contact us today.