Leak detection, repair and water management services, anywhere in Ireland

Leaks Ireland provide leak detection, water audits, pipe tracing and fire hydrant testing services for Dublin and the whole of Ireland. We are dedicated to supplying an efficient and professional service. Phone us on (01) 5376294 or get a free quote using the form to your right.

Leaks Ireland pinpointed this on an old unused lead service pipe in Glasnevin, Dublin.

Our leak detection and water management services

We provide the following leak detection and water management services - follow the links below for more information:

Fixing and repairing leaks

Some of our customers prefer to use their own plumber to repair the located leak. However the vast majority of clients want a "one stop shop" for the problem. Be it a leaking 15mm heating pipe to a 200mm commercial supply, Leaks Ireland will dig, repair and reinstate. This leaves the water leak problem a lot easier to manage as the client is only dealing with one person from start to finish.

We provide a free quotation for any of the above services. If you have any queries at all about leak detection don't hestitate to get in touch with us today.

Leak detection tips

For water leak detection tips on your house or small business you can follow our guidelines in the Blog section. There we talk you through from the start to finish on how to prove if there is a leak on your premises. If you fancy some DIY leak detection, follow these simple guidelines.